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SEASON 2017/2018

Silhouettes Chamber ensemble participation in ECMA session in Grossraming, Austria

Between August, 30th and September 5th Silhouettes Chamber Ensemble will participate in the session of the European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) in Grossraming, Austria. The ensemble will work intensively with renowned tutors as
prof. Hatto Beyerle (Alban Berg Quartet), prof. Johannes Meissl (Artis Quartet) and prof. Patrick Judt. For the second time the musicians will play in a concert of K&K Festival, where they will perform "Contrasts" trio from B. Bartok
and Clarinet trio, op. 114, from J. Brahms. In November Silhouettes Ensemble will take part in the ECMA sessions in Paris, France, and Berne, Switzerland.

May 26th, 2018, 18.00, City Mark Art Center

Concert ”Cantabile” – Ventseslav Nikolov (cello) &
Silhouettes Chamber Ensemble play together

The new premiere program of the cellist Venceslav Nikolov and Silhouettes Chamber Еnsemble, dedicated entirely to the vocal art is called Cantabile. Songs from Schubert, Liszt, Handel, Vivaldi, Donizetti and Gershwin will be heard on the 26th of May in the wonderful atmosphere of the City Mark Art Center hall. An evening filled with beautiful melodies...

Programme: Pieces from Handel, Bach, Vivaldi, Purcell, Donizetti, Wagner, Schubert, Gershwin, Villa-Lobos etc.

Tickets are available at City Mark Art Center. Online tickets reservations at:

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CERN presents: Music of Physics

A team of scientists from CERN, Geneva, together with composers and musicians, have succeeded turning the experiments with elementary particles of the Great Hadron Collider into musical notes. The interrelationship between human creations and high technology has led to an amazing musical sound. Bulgarian audiences will be able to enjoy the magic of this unique combination of physics and music and feel how physicists explore the mysteries of the universe.
Chamber Ensemble "Silhouettes" will also be part of this exciting event performing the Piano trio called
LHC (Large Hadron Collider) by talented contemporary composer Roger Zare.

May 10, 2018, 5:00 PM, Sofia Science Festival: Sofia Tech Park. Sofia, Bulgaria.
May 11, 2018, 7:30 PM, Sofia Music Weeks, City Mark Art Centre. Sofia, Bulgaria.
May 12, 2018, 11:00 AM, Concert Hall of the National Academy of Music. Sofia, Bulgaria.

2x2 Concert Series

"Silhouettes" Chamber Ensemble compare their instruments in a concert series, called "Silhouettes" 2 x 2. The first concert was focused on the piano and the clarinet, performed by Lilia Jekova and Kristiyan Kaloyanov. The second concert presented the virtuosity of the violin and the violoncello. Gariela Kaloyanova and Kalina Miteva performed a colorful program of pieces by J. S. Bach, Handel-Halvorsen, A. Honegger, P. Hristoskov etc. And since 2 x 2 =4, the other two "Silhouettes" would be on stage as tellers of the special stories behind the pieces in the program.

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European Chamber Music Academy

”Silhouettes” Chamber Ensemble - Guest Ensemble
of The European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA)

Between September 3rd and September 9th Silhouettes Chamber Ensemble had the honor to take part in the Grossraming session of the European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) in Austria. They worked there with Prof. Hatto Beyerle (Alban Berg Quartet), Prof. Johannes Meissl (Artis Quartet) and the pianist Nicholas Rimmer. Apart from the session, the ensemble also had been part of the K&K Festival, where on September 8th they presented to the Austrian audience the Bulgarian work "Mirages" by Vasil Kazandjiev. The concert took place in Nationalparkzentrum Molln, Austria at 20:00.

The Third Edition
of Sofia Chamber Music Festival Agitato’ 2017

The third edition of Sofia Chamber Music Festival Agitato’ 2017 took place between 17th of October
and 29th of November, 2017. The festival was once again a result of collaboration between Duo ”Collage” and Chamber ensemble ”Silhouettes”. In the year of 2017 the festival presented international participation - Trio Atanasoff (France), Mettis String Quartet (Lithuania) and Crush Ensemble. The concerts held at Studio 1 of the Bulgarian National Radio.
The festival was achieved with the support of Metropolitan program ”Culture” and Bulgarian National Radio.

The Silhouettes Chamber Ensemble opened the Third Sofia Chamber Music Festival Agitato' with a concert
on October 17 at 7.30 pm in Studio 1 of the Bulgarian National Radio. The program includeed Piano Trio by Morris Ravel, ”Mirages” for Violin, cello, clarinet and piano by Vassil Kazandjiev and Quartet for Violin, cello, clarinet and piano by Paul Hindemith.

Lancaster International Piano Festival

”Silhouettes” Chamber Ensemble at Lancaster International Piano Festival, Pennsylvania, USA

Between July 14th and July 24th, 2017, Silhouettes Chamber Ensemble was a part of the Lancaster International Piano Festival (LIPF), Pennsylvania, USA. The musicians were scholarship students and took part in the master classes and concerts during the festival. The ensemble expresses its gratitude to the artistic director of the festival Prof. Xun Pan, as well as Prof. Ivo Kalchev, who supported this participation and made it possible.

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