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Other Programs

Program I – over 60 min.

  1. CLAUDE DEBUSSY - Three preludes (solo piano)
  2. CLAUDE DEBUSSY - Girl With The Flaxen Hair (violoncello and piano)
  3. MAURICE RAVEL - Habanera and Lullaby (violoncello and piano)
  4. PETAR HRISTOSKOV - Rachentza from 24 caprices (solo violin)
  5. PANCHO VLADIGEROV - Song and Humoresque (clarinet and piano)
  6. PANCHO VLADIGEROV - Autumn Elegy (solo piano)
  7. BELLA KOVACH - In memory of Debussy (solo clarinet)
  8. CLAUDE DEBUSSY - Petitе Piece (clarinet and piano)
  9. GABRIEL FAURÉ - Elegy (violoncello and piano)
  10. PABLO DE SARASATE - Carmen-fantasy (violin and piano)

Program II – over 30 min.

  1. LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN - From Trio оp. 1, c moll (violin, violoncello and piano)
  2. HANDEL-HALVORSEN - Passacaglia (violin and violoncello)
  3. ROBERT SCHUMANN - Three romances оp. 94 (clarinet and piano)
  4. JOHANNES BRAHMS - From Trio оp. 114 (clarinet, violoncello and piano)

Program III – over 30 min. (without piano)

  1. JOSEPH HAYDN - Duo (violin and violoncello)
  2. BELLA KOVACH - In memory of Weber (solo clarinet)
  3. HENRYK WIENIAWSKI - Caprice (solo violin)
  4. GASPAR CASSADO - Prelude-fantasy (solo violoncello)
  5. DMITRI SHOSTAKOVICH - Prelude and fuge (clarinet, violin and violoncello)